BMW Center Arm Rest Removal

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BMW Center Arm Rest Removal Guide


  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Flat head screwdriver

1. Adjust seats fully towards front of car to allow for room to work on armrest. Open cover pull out the rear ash-tray, remove the two screws located at the bottom, then pull up ashtray cradle and remove it make sure to disconnect the connector first.

BMW Arm Rest removal 1

2. The ashtray cavity will have two Phillip head screws - remove them and remove the trim piece that covers the two round springs connected to the armrest this cover unsnaps so grab round “bumps” and unsnap/ flex them to remove.

BMW Arm Rest removal 2

3. Use pliers to remove the two armrest springs, just unlock twist clockwise one side counter clock wise on other. Take note of how springs come off to help you with installation.(to install springs you will need to put straight edge of spring into notch and hold spring and twist it clockwise/counter clockwise almost a full half turn to lock back into place.

BMW Arm Rest Removal 4

4. Put armrest down and remove the two plastic inserts that springs were attached to, just use a flat head screwdriver and un-snap and pull them out they need to be pulled out. Note the way they come out (they have a notch that locks back into opening) reach to the front of armrest and push/unlock the latch that holds the top lid to the lower oddments tray. And remove lid.

BMW Arm rest Removal 5

5. The lid has two small screws that are covered by two small caps that need to be removed, carefully remove caps(it’s easy to scratch the plastic while doing this) or if you are buying new caps just run a screw into the cap and pull them out, then unscrew the two small screws.

BMW Arm rest Removal 6

6. The inner cover then needs to be gently popped up on the back edge and slid backwards to un hook from the lid (Make sure to un- latch it fully before pulling up as to not break any connectors)

BMW Arm Rest Removal 7

7. Carefully remove old leather or vinyl cover (you will have to unscrew the small lock mechanism) and glue on the new cover making sure cover is smooth and edges are lined up, take your time on this process.

BMW Arm Rest Removal 8

8. Reinstall the armrest in the reverse order of removing it.

Note: You can view, download or print the above information via an Adobe PDF File: BMW Arm Rest Removal PDF

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