Core Exchange Option (Steering Wheels)

When choosing to use the core exchange option, please note that the customer's return wheel (core) must be the same type wheel as received. (It cannot be a different type core.) Also, the return wheel must be structurally and cosmetically in good shape. The pictures below are examples of wheels that will not be accepted back as a core return due to issues that cannot be corrected (for next customer using the core program) or issues too time consuming to correct in regards to wrapping charges listed/paid on the Website. (Torn wheel covers or a wheel that has had cover removed due to issues must be sent to be wrapped.)

A wheel with a torn cover will need to be completely stripped and re-foamed to wrap, increasing the wrapping charge. If the customer's steering wheel has cosmetic issues or the original cover is torn or has minor holes, it will need to be sent in to be wrapped. (The customer cannot use core program.) Minor holes requiring a patch will not have any additional cost vs. total strip which will incur added cost. (Call and email pictures to get a price quote.) Wheels sent to be wrapped are a Priority.

We try to have them wrapped and ready to ship back within two to three days depending on how many other sent wheels are in front of wheel at time received.

If you have any questions on issues that may void core deposit or concerns of the condition of your current wheel, please call or email.

Terms and Conditions for Core Return

Core deposit to be refunded when the undamaged core wheel is returned as listed within two weeks from receipt of the wheel purchased. No holes or damage to the OEM wheel cover. No damaged or ripped/torn airbag holes. Also, no cosmetic issues to wheels plastic skin.

If issues as listed exist to the return wheel, the core deposit will be voided to purchase a replacement. It is important to return the undamaged core within the two week time frame to ensure the deposit refund. After two weeks, the deposit will be voided to purchase a replacement to use for customers waiting/using the core program.

If the customer chooses to send in their undamaged core after the two week time frame, (must be within four weeks) you will receive 50% of original core deposit paid after the four weeks. Do not send wheel as no core dollars will be refunded and we will not be held responsible for wheels return.

Sample Images Of Bad Steering Wheels

(Click the image to see larger.)

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