BMW Shift Boot Removal

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BMW E46 Shift Boot Removal and Installation Guide

BMW boots are glued to a plastic frame which then boot is just clipped into the cars console.

1) Remove shifter knob give it a good pull straight upward to remove (if you have an aftermarket knob you may want to check and make sure it does not have a set screw)

shift boot 1

2) Carefully remove shift boot by squeezing the left and right sides inwards and pulling up.

shift boot 2

3) Now that the shift boot and its mounting clip are out, carefully remove the leather boot from the frame keeping note of where the seams of the original boot are located onto the boot clip. Clean the frame of glue if needed and glue your new boot onto the mounting clip using good epoxy glue or a good fabric glue like Fabri-Tac which can be found at any Wal-Mart or fabric shop.

shift boot 3

4) Then reinstall the boot and frame assembly.

shift boot 4

Enjoy and Thank You!

Note: You can view, download or print the above information via an Adobe PDF File: BMW Shift Boot Removal PDF

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