Question: Do you ship outside of the USA?
Answer: Yes we will ship outside of the USA. Additional shipping charges will apply. Please contact us for possible options.

Question: Can I just purchase a core to be wrapped?
Answer: Yes, if you choose to not send a return core (or do not have one to send back), the core deposit paid will be used to replace the item.

Question: Does Coby Wheel offer to recover wheels or shift boots with leather?
Answer: Sorry, not at this point. We do not offer leather as an option. Please check back as we may add this service in the near future.

Question: Can you recover a steering wheel for a different model BMW not listed on the Website?
Answer: Yes, we have many different models of BMW steering wheels on hand that are not currently listed on the Website. Please contact us with questions.

Question: Can you thicken my steering wheel?
Answer: Yes, we can thicken most wheels or completely strip and re-foam the wheel for an additional charge. Please contact us with questions.

Question: Can I send in my BMW steering wheel to avoid paying a core charge deposit?
Answer: Yes, please contact us on the condition of the wheel and details on shipping the wheel to us.

Question: How long will it take to recover my steering wheel if I send it to you?
Answer: It depends on how many pending custom orders we have at the time. Usually we can have it ready in two to three business days but will confirm this before you send your wheel.

Question: Can i purchase one of your wrapped steering wheels and send back a different style core wheel?
Answer: Sorry, but no, it is hard to source suitable core wheels. The return core wheel must be the same as the one purchased.

Question: If I buy several items, do you offer package deals ?
Answer: Yes, we are happy to offer package deals for custom orders. Please contact us for details.

Question: Where are my items made?
Answer: All Coby Wheel products are proudly produced in the United States of America.

Question: Where do i send my return core or items to be wrapped?
Answer: If you are returning a core wheel for deposit, refund or sending a wheel to be wrapped, please send package with signature confirmation. Include all contact information (name, address, telephone number) as well as a description of the desired options wanted. Send it to this address:

Coby Wheel
2806 N. Columbia Street
Suite 242
Milledgeville, GA 31061

Question: Can i change options after making my purchase?
Answer: Yes, this is not a problem as long as the items have not been made.

Question: Can you custom make an item not listed on the site?
Answer: Yes, if you have questions or would like a color combination not listed on the site just call or email us with ideas.

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